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Places for Performance: New Directions


The 5th edition of ITEAC looks set to be the most effective yet at exploring the needs of the makers and creators of performance and the current and future possibilities available to satisfy them.

This quadrennial three-day event, established in 2002, has seen some of the world's leading practioners walk through its doors, generating a wealth of images.

We shall be uploading some of these into this new Gallery, as well as the Conference pictures in 2018. If you attended a previous conference and have a favourite image you would like to share - please do get in touch.

We are pleased to credit the following photographers, companies and organisations, regarding photos used in this section and across the website:  |  Bridge Theatre Company  |  Allies and Morrison  |  IET: Savoy Place  |  Foster Wilson Architects  |  MUMA Architects  |  Adam Mørk  |  Scott Reagan, Barbizon  |  Alan Karchmer  |  ADRIANO A. BIONDO / BIONDOPICTURES  |  Felix-Clay  |  La Perle Theatre  |  TAIT  |  59 Productions  |  Jesse Willems  |  Hufton+Crow  |  Peter Cook  |  James Steinkamp Photography  |  Matthew Murphy  |  Matthew Andrews  |  Steve Pyke  |  Hugo Glendinning  |  Theatreplan  |  Daniel Boud  |  Chris Bennett  |  Sophie Baker  |  Stephen Wright  |  Rob Eager  |  Thomas Graham  |  Helen Murray  |  James Bellorini Photography  |  Geordie Wood  |  Philip Vile

No images may be used without the express permission of the Promoter.


ITEAC 2014_Howard Panter
ITEAC 2014_Kjetil Trædal Thorsen
ITEAC 2014_Sir John Tusa
ITEAC 2014_Jin Wang
ITEAC 2014_Dara Ó Briain & Henning Bredal
ITEAC 2014_Abanti Chakraborty
ITEAC 2014_David Staples
ITEAC 2014_Tod Machover
ITEAC 2014_Steve Tompkins
ITEAC 2014_Adam Davis
ITEAC 2014_Richard Pilbrow
ITEAC 2014_Ricky Sandhu
ITEAC 2014_Don Maclean
ITEAC 2014_Michael Haefliger
ITEAC 2014_Nicholas Payne
ITEAC 2014_Plenary Session Day 2
ITEAC 2014_Networking During Coffee On Day 3
ITEAC 2014_Close of Conference Party
ITEAC 2010_Richard Pilbrow
ITEAC 2010_Theatre Buildings Book Launch
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