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Places for Performance: New Directions
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Marshall Day

Marshall Day
Peter Fearnside+61 3 9416 1855

Marshall Day is an acoustic, theatre, sound system and AV design practice with internationally recognised expertise in the planning and design of performing arts venues.

We have had the pleasure of being part of design teams that have developed some of the most exciting art centre performing arts centre around the world.  

In the past 20 years we have been involved in over 15 performing arts centre in China and Hong Kong.

Marshall Day is at the forefront of software development and virtual reality. This ITEAC we are launching our Sightline analysis tool, which is the first 3D modelling tool to objectively assess and measure sightlines in performing arts and sports venues.


Philharmonie de Paris

A new typology of concert hall. Marshall Day provided full room acoustic design services on this innovative and world-class 2,400 seat concert hall. The 20,000 m² facility includes one major concert hall space, two medium sized rehearsal rooms, several smaller practice rooms, foyer, cafe and library.

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